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Saran Wrap Posse
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I am better than you. You are better than me. We are better than the both of you, so put your proverbial pedal to the metal and go to Jexico and get out of my damn range of vision.
1600's, angst, baskets, being fat sucks, being insane, california apples, chairs, condoms, crazy, crazy pills, cushions, death, death stick, depression, die, digital cameras, everything sucks, feces, flashing skulls, flashlights, food sucks, george forman grills, hate, hating people, hatred, hypocrisy sucks, ignorance sucks, insanity, kill, killer sea cucumbers, killing people, life sucks, moo, mooing, mpnkah, naked envelopes, nirvana, pedal to the metal, pen salesman, people suck, photo ops, pictures, platypi, poetry, poop, poopy monkey panties, proverbial, proverbial wee, psychopathic, purple asparagus, rain, rape me my friend, sadness, selfishness, sheep, sheep of death, shitty parents, sink into the ocean, sleeping, slurpies, stupidity, the end, the shitter, twenty six chinese men, wee, you suck, you're all gonna die